Aryeh Leib ben Samuel

   Polish rabbi. He served as rabbi in various Polish communities. In 1666 he met Shabbetai Tzevi in Constantinople. His Shaagat Aryeh is a collection of responsa.

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  • ARYEH LEIB BEN SAMUEL ẒEVI HIRSCH — (1640–1718), Polish rabbi. Aryeh Leib was the grandson of joel sirkes . He studied under his stepfather David ha Levi, author of the Turei Zahav, and later under Joshua Hoeschel of Cracow. At the age   of 23, he was appointed rabbi of Zwierz (in… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • EPSTEIN, ARYEH LEIB BEN MORDECAI — (1705–1775), rabbi and kabbalist. Epstein was born in Grodno and was a pupil of Isaac of Grodno, Poland, and Aryeh Leib b. Nathan of Slutsk. After a brief period as a merchant he took up the position of preacher in Grodno and in 1741 became rabbi …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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